Sunday, April 11, 2010

Physically or Cognitively Impaired Patient Care Success: Carer Involvement

Direct involvement of the carer in health care delivery is an important aspect of comprehensive care. Not only can pertinent information about the client be provided, but the continuance of patient care may be positively impacted.

Since the mid-90s, I've had the carer accompany their client or loved one into the treatment room to enhance patient communication, participate in the assessment phase, and assist during treatment, as needed. Otherwise, a disconnect occurs between professional care and daily care assistance of the client. This results in disease development and progression. By including the carer, as well as other health professionals, a true multidiciplinary health care team can be accomplished.


  1. Your compassion amazes me all the time. Thank you for your knowledge and determination to keep the people who need it most healthy.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Ivy. I'd like to clone myself, so that I could do more for the underserved. There are a number of projects planned to provide care for our older adult population that have promise. Once I've established the groundwork, it will pave the way for student and licensed hygienists to participate. Never a dull moment ;-}...

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