Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Relief to the underserved populations

Who am I?
With a Masters Degree in Training and Development and over 20 years experience as a dental hygienist and a dental hygiene educator, I have developed in-depth senior and special needs oral training programs that combine various learning methods to provide caregivers the opportunity to transfer new skills to their patients. Programs include oral care for patients with cognitive impairment, mental retardation, Down's syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and age-related issues. I founded a company in 2006 to help meet the needs of these individuals and care providers called SOFT Smiles: Specialized Oral Focused Training. My motto is "Good Oral Health for Life" ©

Why am I writing this blog?
Due to the documented need for improved access to care and provision of care to the underserved populations, I believe that more attention needs to be paid to making necessary changes to reduce this disparity. Cognitively impaired (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease), physically impaired (stroke, Parkinson’s disease, etc) and Special Patients (mental retardation, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, etc) are the focus of this blog. By writing this blog, I hope to hear from those of you who have personal experience with these population groups. What issues do you or someone you know have with access to care? How is research making a difference to these individuals, families, caregivers? Although I live in the world of academia, community service, patient care, as well as educating/training caregivers and families is my passion.

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  1. I have always felt a little bit of self-privilege (self-pride?) when you share what you learn and know with me. Not being in the field myself and having this access to information feeds the need I have to know a lot about a lot.
    I am so happy you are giving to others what you have given me. Every piece of information shared has the opportunity to be stored and used when it is needed. As you know, I have had ample opportunity to pass on your message, which I fully take advantage of. And I never do so out of some ego-feeding need, but so others have the same chance of health and being helpful to themselves and others as I have.